Camso spared no effort in designing and building a robust system that can be used year-round. Designed with smaller machines in mind (300 to 500CC), these all-season track systems are perfect for taking your ATV further than ever before, no matter the destination. The Camso ATV R4S has plenty of performance and features specially designed for small cc ATVs :  

8-inch (20 centimetres) width reduces ground pressure and provides comparable flotation and traction to wider track systems designed for larger cc vehicles. Sprockets are adapted to prevent clutch and engine overload.  Optimized geometry of the system ensures optimal performance and handling.

The new track conversion system fits almost every 500cc or under ATV model on the market, and is intended for lighter-duty applications such as ice fishing, hunting, farming, or reaching the cabin — wherever and whenever you need to go. Backed by a two-year limited warranty, the ATV R4S is available through Camso’s dealer network.
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  • Drive Type: Internal drive
  • Sprocket: 15-18 teeth
  • Rubber Track: Front - Flat, Rear - Flat
  • Frame: Carbon steel
  • Idler and Mid-Roller: 134-mm double-bearing and sealed mid-roller wheels.
  • Wheels/Tires: Bladder-type wheel cap. 200-mm double-bearing
  • Guide: Molded UHMW
  • Hub and Bearing: Oiled 2-bearing with cast steel multi-bolt (4-5) pattern hub.
  • Tandem and suspension: N/A
  • Anti-rotation: Redesigned mild steel anti-rotation single-rate spring and progressive damper. Quick-connect steering limiter design.