Built for larger, always-working machines (300 to 1000CC), this all-season track system is the all-conditions industry standard. Work or play, the T4S system is lightweight and ready to tackle the toughest tasks. Experience optimal effectiveness all year long, no matter the weather and feel secure knowing there's a two-year limited warranty protecting your ATV track system. The ATV T4S is equipped with engine-specific gearing for all machines 300 cc and larger, balanced configuration to ensure optimum stability and steering, and is interchangeable with over 99%* of vehicle models.
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  • Drive Type: Internal drive
  • Sprocket: 15-18 teeth
  • Rubber Track: Front - Flat, Rear - Flat
  • Frame: Carbon steel
  • Idler and Mid-Roller: 134- and 202-mm encapsulated and sealed wheel including elastomer outer band.
  • Wheels/Tires: Bladder-type wheel cap.
  • Guide: Molded UHMW
  • Hub and Bearing: Cast steel multi-bolt (4) pattern hub.
  • Tandem and suspension: Mono front tandem on pivot point with bolted wheels
  • Anti-rotation: Redesigned mild steel anti-rotation single-rate spring and progressive damper. Quick-connect steering limiter design.