Tough and ready for the long haul. No matter the conditions, you can count on next-level performance to take you further than ever before. Enjoy a high-quality ride, dependable performance, and unbeatable durability. It’s the track system of choice for many applications including deep snow, swamps, marshes, mud, and muskeg. Designed for 400CC to 1000CC machines, these tracks are interchangeable with over 99%* of SxS brands and models.
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  • "Drive Type: Internal drive
  • Sprocket: 15-18 teeth
  • Rubber Track: Front - Flat, Rear - Flat
  • Frame: Carbon steel
  • Idler and Mid-Roller: 132-mm double-bearing mid-roller wheels (width: 50 mm). 241-mm double-bearing flat-free tires. Bladder-type wheel cap and face seal.
  • Wheels/Tires: Bladder-type wheel cap.
  • Guide: Molded UHMW
  • Hub and Bearing: Oiled 3-bearing with forged steel multi-bolt. (4-5) pattern hub.
  • Tandem and suspension: Rubber mount steel tandem. Rubber mount aluminium shaft axle. Maintenance free
  • Anti-rotation: Redesigned mild steel anti-rotation single-rate spring and progressive damper. Quick-connect steering limiter design."