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Red and black UTV

Compared to other off-road vehicles, UTVs are most often used for practical labour-related tasks. Who says you can’t ride your UTV after you clock out?

Many riders prefer UTVs for off-work excitement, whether that includes racing, mud-riding, or hunting. Read below to find out what makes UTVs unique and why you might prefer this kind of ride over others.

What is a UTV?

You may have heard people use ‘ATV’ and ‘UTV’ interchangeably, or get the terms mixed up with other types of vehicles with similar features.

Specifically, a UTV, or utility task vehicle, is a four-wheel vehicle that has room for 2-4 passengers and plenty of cargo. These vehicles are fairly large, though smaller than a car, and are often used to haul equipment. UTVs are often called ‘side-by-sides’.

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At Muskoka Powersports, we sell plenty of new UTV models, including Honda’s most recent lineup.

How Does It Compare To An ATV?

ATVs and UTVs share a lot of similarities, and the skills to control one will mostly transfer over to the other. However, they have a few key differences, and you should consider them carefully if you are purchasing a vehicle.

‘ATV’ stands for all-terrain vehicle, while ‘UTV’ stands for utility terrain vehicle. ATVs and UTVs vary by:

  • Purpose: ATVs are more useful for single riders, while UTVs are useful for group trips or heavy lifting

  • Size: UTVs are bigger than ATVs and almost always have an overhead component

  • Price: UTVs are typically more expensive than ATVs

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Main Purposes of a UTV

UTVs are most often used for labour-related purposes. Due to their size and convenience, there are many fields of work that benefit from using these vehicles, like landscaping and farming. Here’s how UTVs benefit workers:

  • Transporting equipment

  • Cleaning up a work site

  • Hauling livestock

  • Towing

That being said, don’t trick yourself into thinking that UTVs are only for labour while ATVs are only for adventures. You can use UTVs in plenty of fun ways, and we’ve included our favourite examples below.

How to Use Your UTV For Fun


UTVs are popular among hunters, In fact, many prefer them to ATVs due to their size and equipment space. These hefty vehicles can make your whole trip more convenient: not only can large UTVs carry your set of weaponry and gear to your destination, but they give you plenty of room to bring back your prey.

Adventures with Friends and Family

Your UTV doesn’t always have to be used to complete a particular task. Since most UTVs can fit up to four people, you can take your squad for a joyride with ease. Whether you’re taking your family for a tour through the trails or blowing off steam with coworkers, there’s nothing more fun than a leisurely trip on a UTV.


You’ve heard of races with ATVs and dirt bikes. But did you know that UTVs also represent a class of vehicles in races all over North America? It’s true – you won’t have to look far to find a patch of desert land with a UTV race taking place on it. Most racers install upgrades on their side-by-side to get race-ready, and UTVs must pass a safety inspection before registration can continue.

Trail Riding

North America is home to beautiful trails, and UTVs offer a great way to explore them. They’re easy to navigate despite their size, and they offer plenty of space for any equipment you may choose to bring with you. That way, you can turn a simple trail ride into a full day of activities.

Winter Riding

Thankfully, you can extend your riding season pretty far with the right tools and upgrades. Heated seats, tracks, and cab enclosures can go a long way when trails are covered in a thick sheet of snow. You may even choose to turn your UTV into a super-powered snow plow.

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Here’s another type of terrain UTVs are fun to ride on: dirty, sticky mud. They’re the right size and offer the perfect amount of control to navigate muddy trails and pits.

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Your UTV might be your right-hand vehicle on work sites. But don’t forget to take your side-by-side out for fun, too. You might surprise yourself learning all the ways that UTVs can be used for recreation. From hunting to joyriding and mud-crushing, there are so many options.

At Muskoka Powersports, we offer top-quality UTVs that can serve your needs, whether you need a ride for work or pleasure.