Snowmobiles vs ATV for Winter Riding

Snowmobiles have long been the vehicle of choice for adventure junkies looking to get around during the winter. What you may not realize is that a well-equipped ATV can also provide plenty of thrills in the snow. So, which vehicle is right for you? Keep reading to learn how snowmobiles and ATVs compare, and how […]

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Cold Weather Essentials for Winter ATV Riding and Dirt Biking

ATV Accessories and Apparel to Keep You Safe and Warm Canadian winters are rough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bundle up and enjoy your favorite leisurely activities like riding your ATV or dirt bike! Specialty ATV retailers like Muskoka Powerhouse can not only set up your vehicle to be winter-ready, but can help outfit […]

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How to Maintain Your ATV Track Kit Throughout the Winter

The Importance of Proper Winter Track Kit Maintenance Known as the ultimate ATV accessory, a track kit can allow you to navigate terrain that a wheeled ATV could not. Deep snow, mud, swamps, you name it. But now that you have invested in one, it’s important to understand how to maintain your kit to ensure […]

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Why You Need a Track Kit for your ATV this Winter

Still on the Fence, This Guide Should Change Your Tune It’s called an all-terrain vehicle, but is it really? Anyone with an ATV who has tried using it in the snow knows that getting traction can be challenging. Many with ATV’s use them in the spring, summer and fall and put them away for the […]

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How to Remove and Replace CAMSO Track Kits for Your ATV

A Guide for Quick Changes Between ATV Tracks and Wheels ATV tracks are the ultimate ATV accessories. These tracks allow you to go where no ATV can go. In winter, you can travel along deep snow where snowmobiles would usually sink in. And in spring and fall, these tracks allow you to ride smoothly over […]

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Get the Most Out of Your ATV Snow Plow This Winter

Use Your ATV Year-Round by Converting It to a Snow Plow with ATV Accessories ATVs are great for hitting the trails and having fun. But did you know they can also be practical to use while also saving you money? Instead of spending money on a snow plow this winter, consider converting your ATV into […]

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