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ATV on the ice

ATV Accessories and Apparel to Keep You Safe and Warm

Canadian winters are rough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bundle up and enjoy your favorite leisurely activities like riding your ATV or dirt bike! Specialty ATV retailers like Muskoka Powerhouse can not only set up your vehicle to be winter-ready, but can help outfit you with gear to wear, too! Just be sure to choose wisely when armoring yourself to battle against the harsh northern winds, sleet, rain, and snow, and you’ll be all set.

Read on to learn about the importance of equipping yourself with proper riding gear along with which pieces of gear are best for optimal winter riding.


Even though a properly fitted helmet can provide decent weather protection, there are some factors that may make it more comfortable for colder weather, such as a helmet liner. Helmet liners may come heated and provide insulation as well as extra padding to protect the wearer’s head and keep it warm. A balaclava and neck gaiter can also be used to close the gap between your helmet and collar of your jacket.


Goggles or safety glasses are always a great idea to protect your eyes from sticks, rocks, and other debris that your ATV’s wheels might spit out. In the winter, using an insulated pair of goggles can also help keep your vision clear and your eyes comfortable in the cold. Insulation is also great because fog buildup inside your goggles can be a particularly dangerous problem for wintertime riding. So, to play it extra safe, your goggles should feature a double-lens design to keep your vision clear.


With your hands on the handlebar, they’re bound to freeze first as you enjoy your ATV. Keep in mind that not any old gloves will do. You’ll need extra warm and flexible gloves to not only keep your hands toasty against the harsh wind, but help ensure that you can still easily handle your ATV. Make sure your gloves are not too thick, so that you feel like you have control over the handles. Also look for gloves that feature insulating materials like Thinsulate, and are waterproof – whether they are leather, textile or some combination of both. Gore-Tex is always favored when it comes to waterproof material. Heated gloves are also a nice option, but the “waterproof” feature is crucial.


Wearing a great jacket while riding is a key element in protecting you from the cold (and from hypothermia). Look for armour that is wind-resistant and waterproof, so that it stands up to the cold and keeps you warm enough to enjoy your ride.

Lather is a great choice to achieve this level of sportive, fashionable protection as it is very resistant against wind. You can choose other textiles, just make sure whatever you pick offers impact protection at the elbows, shoulders, back, and even over the chest. And don’t forget to look at heated jacket liners or jackets with integral heating elements.


Get yourself a pair of advanced insulated riding pants, especially if you’re planning on cold-weather activities regularly. The pants work for years after, so they practically pay for themselves. Having come a long way in the past few years, riding pants are incredibly sophisticated and offer everything from heated gear to advancements in materials for comfort, warmth, and durability, as well as impact protectors built in at knees, hips, pelvis, and more.


Cold feet can also do a lot of damage to what should be a wonderful and exhilarating experience on your ATV. Protecting your feet from injury comes from using a good riding boot or shoe. Your boot or shoe should also protect against cold and wet weather. For added security and comfort, you will need warm, thick socks to wear with your boots.

Quality insulated, waterproof boots with stout non-slip soles are a good investment for riding, and if taken care of properly, will last you many years.


Instead of a scarf, opt for something warm like a snood to keep your neck secure while giving you the freedom to move and keep long excess fabric from flying in your face and compromising your vision. But remember not to be too warm on your bike, because the adrenaline from being on the trail will warm you up easily and you don’t want to start stripping layers! A good fleece sports sweater that’s body-hugging, waterproof, and zips up at the neck is also a great option to consider.

As long as you have quality gear to wear, you can enjoy your ATV worry-free for many winters to follow. Grab your accessories and apparel from a specialty store like Muskoka Powersports to ensure you are receiving the best possible quality.