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In 2020 alone, more than 56,000 ATVs were sold in Canada. Riding an ATV can certainly be a lot of fun, especially when you try ATV mudding. However, if you don’t have ATV mud tires or ATV tracks to help you out, you might end up getting stuck in the mud.

Besides that, an ATV in mud can be hard to clean and hard to maintain. So, what should you do when riding through mud? Keep reading and learn more about your options.

Is Mud Your Biggest Threat?

The thing about mud is that it can indeed be one of the biggest threats to your ATV. If you don’t have everything on hand like an ATV mud cleaner or an ATV mud strap or even the best Honda ATV for mudding, you could get yourself into a big mess in a literal sense.

This is because mud can easily get into your ATV and tracks. This will cause wear and tear and may cause the ATV to become dysfunctional. So, what can you do to make sure that this doesn’t become a problem for your ATV?

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More importantly, why is it necessary to address the problem?

Why Is It Important To Get Rid of Mud?

Mud can do all sorts of things to your ATV. For one, it can easily stain your ATV, especially if you don’t go about removing mud right away. Besides that, once the mud starts to dry and become solid on your ATV, it may stick to important mechanisms.

This can cause those parts to slow down or even break. This is not to mention that mud causes general wear and tear since it will increase friction and make it more difficult for certain mechanisms to run. This is especially true if mud ends up in the engine of the ATV or in other essential areas.

But what should you do about it?

Proper Cleaning For Getting Rid Of Mud

Fortunately, as long as you properly clean your ATV after bringing it through the mud, you shouldn’t have to worry about your ATV getting ruined. Using a hose to spray away the mud is the simplest method of doing this. Be wary of using a pressure washer, especially on plastic surfaces, because the power of the water may damage your ATV or strip off the paint unless it is on a very low setting.

An ordinary hose and a rag should allow you to remove most of the debris. There are also certain products such as mud cleaners that can help you remove more stubborn spots of mud from your ATV, so keep that in mind. If the mud has gotten into the engine, you’ll want to be a bit more delicate so that you don’t accidentally damage parts of the engine.

Why ATV Tracks Are Your BFF Here?

ATV tracks can be very helpful for traversing through the mud for a variety of reasons. For one, tracks have much more traction than regular ATV tires, even tires that are designed for mud. These tracks can grip even the slipperiest paths to ensure your ATV keeps moving.

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That way, you won’t have to deal with spinning tires or getting your ATV stuck in the mud where it might sustain damage. But there are also a few extra precautions you can consider for keeping your ATV safe when driving through the mud.

Tips for Protecting Your ATV When Riding Through Mud

If you love taking your ATV through muddy terrain, you might be wondering how you can protect it.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do. But where should you start?

Use Low Gear

Not many people know that the simple act of using low gear on an ATV can protect it from a lot of mud damage. This is because using a lower gear will ensure that your ATV doesn’t start spinning out of control in the mud and spraying mud everywhere.

Instead, low gear will allow the ATV to grip the mud so that it can move forward rather than spinning in place.

Keep Belt Enclosure Sealed

Keeping the belt enclosure sealed is another important consideration. If it isn’t sealed, it will be easy for mud to get inside.

This, of course, can cause all sorts of problems and it will be difficult to clean the mud out.

Snorkel Kit

A snorkel kit will allow your ATV to run perfectly even when you’re in deep mud. This is because this kit is designed much like an ordinary snorkel and will allow the machine to continue getting a steady air flow.

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That way, it won’t get clogged with mud and stop working.

Best Honda for ATV Mudding? Rubicon Vs. Rincon

Both the Rubicon and the Rincon are good choices for mudding. Some people find that the Rincon has more power but not very much power steering. The Rubicon, on the other hand, tends to have more options than the Rincon.

Because they’re both good, you should opt for whichever model you feel more comfortable with.


ATV mudding can be plenty of fun, but it can also damage your ATV if you’re not careful.
That’s why it’s important to have all the right equipment such as ATV tracks, a snorkel kit, and so on.

It is also important to clean the mud off your ATV to make sure the mud doesn’t damage it. To learn more about ATVs, contact us here.