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Still on the Fence, This Guide Should Change Your Tune

It’s called an all-terrain vehicle, but is it really? Anyone with an ATV who has tried using it in the snow knows that getting traction can be challenging. Many with ATV’s use them in the spring, summer and fall and put them away for the winter. Sometimes adding a snowmobile to their fleet for use in the winter months. But did you know that a tracked ATV can outperform a snowmobile in almost any terrain?

A track kit can allow you to use your ATV all year round, significantly boosting the usage of your quad and allowing you to experience thrilling performance throughout the winter months. In this article, we explore what track kits are, why you should have one for your ATV and list the benefits of having one in the winter months.

What is a Track Kit?

A track kit is a system that replaces your ATV’s wheels and tires with rubber tracks fitted to a strong frame assembly. This allows you to have a larger footprint that offers your ATV far better traction and flotation over sand, mud and deep snow.

Why Should You Have One?

ATV tracks will outperform an ATV tire in almost any technical riding circumstance. Wheels over snow depths that start exceeding your quad’s ground clearance will start to dig in and, in many cases, leave you stuck. Tracks can allow you to float on top of the snow. You would typically only find challenges in the most extreme snow conditions. If you plan on doing utility work or hauling heavy items up steep hills, you will find yourself with over twice the force than what you would have got with wheels.

Let’s explore some of the specific benefits that tracks can offer you.

Better Tracking in Snow, Sand and Mud

Tracks will allow for your ATV to have greater flotation and traction over snow, sand and mud by allowing you to reduce speed as much as necessary to get the job done safely, limiting your risk of getting stuck. Tracks will also increase ground clearance and make your quad wider and longer, improving your bike’s stability and increasing your confidence when riding.

Easy to Install

Track kits can be installed on almost any ATV or UTV on the market. Modifications are not required; however, you do need a special installation kit. Kits are specifically made to fit your bike’s make and model and consist of specially made bars, brackets and adapters that keep the tracks secured.  Installation kits include anti-rotation bars that are installed between the track frame and the quad’s A-arms. Dampening springs make for a smoother ride overall.

Reduced Risk of Getting Stuck

As previously stated, tracks provide greater flotation and traction, allowing for the rider to reduce speed as much as necessary to maneuver through all types of terrains.

Year-round operation of your ATV

With a tracked ATV, you have the added benefit of being able to cross larger areas with little or no snow and getting through heavy snow areas with extra ground clearance and speed reduction. This allows for performance year-round and unbeatable performance through any terrain.

How Do Track Kits Work?

Kits are mounted to your ATV’s wheel lugs and require a brace on the frame to keep the track unit from over-rotating.

A Surefire Way to Boost Traction and Flotation Performance

Tracks can offer up to four times the contact patch on the ground of a typical ATV with wheels, spreading the weight of the vehicle over a much larger area. Ground pressure under tracks allows your ATV to float over very soft terrain where tires would dig in and create deep ruts.

If you spend a lot of time on soggy ground and/or deep snow, a track kit can be just the thing you need to keep your ATV working all year round, increasing usage and boosting confidence through trickier terrains. ATV tracks are increasing in popularity as more and more riders discover how thrilling they can be. Once installed, track kits can open winter riding, effectively turning your quad into an all-season performance machine, eliminating the need to part it in your garage for several months. The riding never stops.

The Muskoka Powersports team knows first-hand the kind of conditions you may find yourself facing through the different seasons. With the expertise to guide you through making the best choice for your terrain and ATV, taking your bike to the next level of performance and functionality.