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The Importance of Proper Winter Track Kit Maintenance

Known as the ultimate ATV accessory, a track kit can allow you to navigate terrain that a wheeled ATV could not. Deep snow, mud, swamps, you name it. But now that you have invested in one, it’s important to understand how to maintain your kit to ensure you enjoy it for a long time to come.

Distributing the weight of your ATV over a larger surface area allows you to glide over various surfaces, removing many limitations you might have with wheels. They can enhance your ride in winter, transforming your ATV into a snowmobile which can get you through deep snow, but with this, brings a new maintenance process for your track kit. Especially considering it will be ridden more frequently and in various terrains that it may not have navigated in previously. With proper and regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your track kit and enjoy it for years to come.

In this article, we explore the reasons for purchasing in case you haven’t yet, along with the maintenance required if you choose to enhance your ATV experience.

What is a Track Kit and Why Install One?

Track kits work by replacing the wheels with a rubber track which is fitted to a sturdy frame. A sprocket that drives each belt is connected to the ATV’s wheel hub. This results in significant traction improvement and provides far better overall flotation. Track kits also have deep tread patterns for optimal grip in all conditions, allowing far greater use of your quad.

What Kind of Maintenance is Required During This Winter?

Like any other piece of equipment, maintenance is required. Without it, you would not get nearly as much use out of your investment. Proper maintenance ensures a long life and more importantly, the safe operation of your ATV. Imagine being halfway up a mountain in the winter and your track system fails. Would you be prepared for that long hike back to safety? Better yet, would you be prepared to risk getting injured?

Let’s explore some guidelines around maintenance for a track kit.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning your track kit is more than just wiping away dirt. Examine your equipment thoroughly and clear components of debris, dust or contaminants which can impair the proper operation of your track system.

Adjust Components as Needed

Adjusting your components is a crucial part of maintenance. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s adjustment recommendations in the relevant sections of your user’s manual.

Check and Adjust Tension

Tension checks should be done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Refer to your user’s manual for specific instructions for your equipment.

Keep Components Lubricated

You can probably imagine what would happen to an unlubricated track kit. This is a very important part of maintenance and should be followed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Check for Wear and Tear on the Tracks and Systems

It’s important to get into the habit of checking wear and the overall condition of your track system regularly. Your manufacturer’s guidelines will guide you on which components to look at for signs of wear.

Remove at the End for the Winter

Removing the tracks at the end of winter and reinstalling the wheels will allow you to continue enjoying your ATV year-round.

Safety Tips for Installing and Removing Track Kits

It is critical to adhere to strict safety guidelines and safe practices when installing and removing track kits. So ensure that you perform this in a safe, clean, bright and well-ventilated area.

If the ATV shifts or falls, you risk significant injury. Use appropriate stands and blocks behind wheels to hold the ATV in place. You should never place any part of your body under the ATV unless it is fully secured on a stand. Lifting devices should not be used as a secure stand.

Enhance Your Investment

There is no doubt that a track kit can take your ATV to new heights, new terrain and a whole new level of fun and practicality. So speak to your local ATV professional to discuss the possibilities, benefits, and options available to you.