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Updated: December 2021

Worldwide  ATV market is booming, and more and more riders are on the trail. This has led to increased news surrounding ATV accidents, and many are left wondering, “are ATVs dangerous?” While all vehicles have some inherent risk, proper 4-wheeler maintenance and safety precautions can help reduce that risk.

That includes appropriately storing your ATV or UTV during the off-season.

Looking to purchase an ATV but wondering how to maintain it? Good news! There are a few easy steps to follow that will help you keep your ATV/UTV tracking system in good condition.

Keep reading to learn more about off-season storage ATV tips and tricks.

Why Is Proper ATV/UTV Storage Important?

If ATV/UTV owners store their vehicles properly, they can avoid many problems. Storing your ATV/UTV in a heated and secure spot for the off-season ensures that you won’t have to worry about your ATV/UTV’s tracking system breaking down on the road.

The right ATV/UTV storage place is also best for the engine and other parts of your ATV/UTV. Properly storing your vehicle will ensure it’s ready for ATV bike riding when the off-season ends.

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How to Properly Store Your Ride

Proper storage is one of the best ways to maintain your ATV/UTV tracking system. When storing them, you can either leave them outside or bring them in.

However, you never want to leave your ATV/UTV outside if you don’t have to. This is because you will expose it to nature and the different elements.

Outside there is the possibility of your ATV/UTV being hit by a hailstorm, getting rained on, or even being exposed to all kinds of sun damage. Indoor storage is always best.

Check Your Battery

Another easy step to maintaining your ATV/UTV tracking system is checking the battery. If you are not planning on using the ATV/UTV for a while, you should ensure the battery is charged and ready to go.

Most batteries can last anywhere between 4-6 months, which is why it is essential to check them and make sure they are going to last as long as you need them to.

Clean and Wash Your Ride

Washing your ATV/UTV before you store it is also something you should do. The winter months can cause your ATV/UTV to get a bit dirty, which is why it is important to clean it before you set it up in your storage space.

In addition, take the time to learn how to clean your ATV engine properly.

Change Oil And Clean Filter

You should also change the oil and clean your filter. This can help you avoid future problems.

Covering Your Vehicle

If you store your ATV/UTV outside, ensure you have a cover to protect it from any dust or other elements that might damage the ATV/UTV tracking system. Indoors you should cover it as well to keep dust and debris off.

Finally, covering your vehicle will help prevent rust.

Jack Up Your Vehicle or Rotate the Wheels

Corrosion is something you will want to avoid. You should raise your ATV/UTV using a jack or rotate your wheels. Doing this will help lower the chance of corrosion.

Wildlife Proofing

One of the last things you should do is wildlife proofing. This is to ensure that animals can’t harm your ATV/UTV.


Storing Track Systems

When storing the track systems, it is important to store them in a dry area free from moisture and humidity. You should also remove any inner accessories or other parts that are not necessary to the track system. This can help ensure that the track system stays in the best condition possible.

Remove and Clean Each Track System

Before storing your track system, you should remove and clean each track system. This will help keep the track system in good condition and ensure everything works correctly.

Inspect All Parts

The most important thing you should do is inspect each part of the ATV/UTV track system. This can help you find any problems you might not have noticed before. If you find any issues with the ATV/UTV tracking system, you should take it to a mechanic so that the problem can be fixed.

Adjust All Components

Because ATV/UTV tracking systems can be large, many components are attached to them. You should adjust each component and ensure they are in the best possible condition.

Lubricate Rolling Parts

One thing you should do is lubricate rolling parts. This will help ensure that nothing is making too much noise and is causing the ATV/UTV to have problems.

Store Systems Horizontally

Finally, you should store the ATV/UTV track systems horizontally. This will help ensure that the ATV/UTV tracking system doesn’t get bent or damaged.

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Keep Riding in the “Off” Season – Try Track Kits

If you are like most ATV/UTVs users, you will use your ATV/UTV during good weather. This means that you will usually store it during the cold weather months. It is recommended that you consider using track kits instead of storing your ATV/UTV for this reason.

Track kits can help you provide your ATV/UTV with a workout and help keep it in good shape during the off-season. This will help provide you with a better ATV/UTV when the warm weather comes back.


Common Start-of-Season Maintenance Issues (and How to Address Them)

When the ATV season begins, you could encounter a few common issues. It’s essential to look for these issues and know how to address them.

Engine Won’t Start

If your engine doesn’t start, you will want to check to ensure you have gas. Make sure the gas cap is on tight and check the fuel line.

If you turn the ignition on and the engine seems to be getting fuel, it may be that the spark plugs need to be replaced. If you run your ATV a lot, the spark plugs can wear out and need to be replaced. Make sure you check this right away when you encounter problems starting your ATV.

You should also check your battery and try ATV jumping techniques.

Worn Components And Parts

One of the major issues you will run into is worn ATV parts and components. You should make sure your ATV is well-maintained. This will help ensure that you are using the right parts.

If you notice that your ATV is having problems, it may be time to take it to your local ATV service centre. They can help diagnose the problem and help you get the right parts to fix it.

Flat Tires

Flat tires are common. You will want to check for flat ATV tires to ensure you don’t get stuck on the trail or your property. Often, you will want to check your ATV tires before hitting the trail.

This way, you can fill them with air before you head out. This will help prevent issues from occurring due to flat tires and ensure that your ride is a smooth one.


One of the main issues that you will run into when you start riding again is rust. The best way to prevent rust is to use an ATV cover. It’s important to keep these ATV accessories clean, and in good shape, so you can use them whenever needed.

4-Wheeler Maintenance: The Takeaway

Properly storing your ATV or UTV is an essential part of 4-wheeler maintenance. This can help keep your 4-wheeler in good condition and ready for quad riding during the ATV season.

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