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Two atvs riding during sunset

Tips to Stay Active and Safe on Your ATV

With isolation and social distancing as the new normal in today’s society, getting outdoors and spending time in nature is important to help stay positive and avoid going stir-crazy. If you are an ATV user, this can be an incredibly difficult time but rest assured that riding your ATV is still perfectly fine during this pandemic, but there are certain restrictions and factors you should take into consideration.

With that being said, we’ll explore the benefits of outdoor activities during this pandemic and provide tips for riding your ATV while following social distancing protocols.

The Importance of Staying Active and Getting Fresh Air During a Pandemic

With stay at home orders a keeping most of the population cooped up indoors and unable to spend time with friends and family, your mental health can take a huge toll. Our bodies need physical activity and fresh air, especially during a stressful global crisis.

Whether it’s taking a daily walk around your neighbourhood or hitting the trails on your ATV, getting outside and absorbing some Vitamin D will help make things a bit more bearable. Just be sure not to violate and local bylaws.

Here are some of the key ways your body will benefit from outdoor activities.

Boosts Your Mood

The combination of Vitamin D from the sun and endorphins from physical activity are a powerhouse duo that will supercharge your mood. So, if you’re struggling with your mood, head outdoors to soak up some sun and hit the trails, and you’re bound to return a whole lot happier.

Improved Focus for Working from Home 

Working from home can be difficult with so many distractions surrounding you. If you’re struggling to focus on your work, take a break and head outside to clear your head.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Whether you’ve lost your job or are experiencing other COVID-19 related stress and anxiety, spending time outdoors and going for a ride on your four-wheeler will help you escape your troubles and find some much-needed relief.

Reduced Fatigue

Is spending time cooped up indoors starting to make you feel a bit sluggish? Rather than making yet another cup of coffee, hop on your four-wheeler and go for a ride. Nothing wakes you up quite like a good old fashioned adrenaline rush.

Ways to Enjoy ATVs/UTVs During a Stay Home Order

Do Your Research

In an effort to prevent people from taking part in large social gatherings during the pandemic, many municipal and provincial trails have restricted access to the public. So, before you head out on your next adventure, do your research to find out which trails are closed so that you aren’t trespassing and risking a fine.

Go Alone

With group gatherings punishable by hefty fines in many municipalities, avoid group rides for the foreseeable future and head out on your own. Also, don’t have others tag along and ride with you on your ATV or UTV, unless they are a spouse or immediate family member that lives with you.

Take Trails/Routes Less Travelled

To help avoid coming into contact with other riders, try to take trails that you know will be less populated. And again, make sure not to trespass on any trails or parks that are closed to the public to avoid a potential fine.

Keep Your Distance with Other Riders

If you do come across other riders while out and about, be sure to follow social distance protocols and keep a distance of 6 feet between you and the other driver. Also, try not to pass other riders unless you are able to maintain this distance.

Take Precautions to Avoid Injury

With hospital resources strained and doctors tied up with treating COVID-19 patients, now is not the time to take risks that could result in injury and land you in the hospital. So, take extra precautions and be safer than you normally would when out on your ATV or UTV.

This includes:

  • Wearing a helmet
  • Not riding under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Wearing the proper gear
  • Doing a pre-ride inspection

Stay Close to Home

To avoid getting lost or running into any issues far from home, try not to stray too far and stick to trails and woods you are familiar with that are close to your home base.

Make Sure You Have Enough Fuel and Snacks to Avoid Stops

While gas stations and convenience stores are deemed essential businesses and are remaining open during the state of emergency, to avoid running into people and potentially spreading any germs, make sure you have enough fuel and snacks before your trek so that you don’t have to make any unnecessary stops along the way.

While social gatherings and most public outings are off-limits during this pandemic, that doesn’t mean you need to stay cooped up inside as we ride out COVID-19. So, take your ATV or UTV out for a spin and get some much-needed adrenaline and fresh air – and don’t forget to follow social distancing protocols!