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What Kind of Snowblower Should You Choose?

The weather is getting colder, which means snow is approaching. Are you confident that your snow blower is up to the task? If you’re looking to upgrade your current snow blower or need to invest in one for your property, there are so many options to choose from on the market. More specifically, there are three options to choose from. But, which is best?

To help you with this decision, we’ll go through the question of “which is best?” by explaining each different type of machine and what they are used for.

Single-Stage Snowblowers

How They Work

Single-stage snowblowers are lighter and more compact than their two and three-stage counterparts. Unlike other snowblowers, they are unable to break up chunks of ice. In single-stage snowblowers, the blades in front of the blower, which are known as the auger, directs the snow into the chute, then directs it out of the chute away from your path.

Price Point

Because they are less advanced than two and three-stage snowblowers, their price point is considerably lower than other types of snowblowers.

Fuel Type

Single-stage snowblowers can come in either electric or gas-powered options. For a single-stage, electric snowblowers are a good option as they are often lighter, making them easier to control and carry. They also don’t require oil or gas changes, meaning, no leaks or mess in the garage. They are also cheaper than gas blowers and only need access to a power source.

Gas snowblowers don’t restrict the user to chord length, and the machine is easier to move around. They are also more powerful than electric blowers and handle larger jobs.

What They Are Best Suited For

Single-stage snowblowers are best suited for smaller domestic jobs, like clearing small to mid-sized driveways and paths after moderate snowfall.

Two-Stage Snowblowers

How They Work

Considerably more advanced than the one-stage snow blower, two-stage snowblowers have power-assisted wheels which help to maneuver the snow blower and the auger works harder to remove snow quicker and easily.

Price Point

The added advantages of two-stage gas snowblowers means that they come at a higher price-point.

Fuel Type

Because of their superior level of power, the ideal option to operate your second-stage snow blower is gas.

What They Are Best Suited For

The two-stage snow blower is ideal for handling heavier-duty work, such as large parking lots for commercial spaces. It may also be able to handle smaller streets, but a three-stage snow blower would be the only option for anything greater than that.

Three-Stage Snowblowers

How They Work

Three-stage snowblowers use an additional two augers for snow removal. These augers work to initially break up heavily-packed snow and ice that you would normally need a shovel for to successfully clear. They’re a powerful machine, with a clearing width of between 20-30 inches and can deposit snow up to 50 feet away.

Price Point

Being the most industrial-grade of snowblowers, three-stage snowblowers are the most expensive on the market.

Fuel Type

Three-stage blowers primarily operate on gas-powered systems, because of their durability and force.

What They Are Best Suited For 

These strong machines are most suitable for plowing over gravel or uneven terrain and can be used on moderate inclines, as long as it’s not too steep.

Pros and Cons

Each snow blower has its pros and cons to keep in mind when choosing the best one that suits your needs.

One-Stage Snow Blower

Its pros are that it’s easy to store and maneuver since it’s light, and you also have power-options that can differ in price. It’s also not an excessive tool to own, specifically if you’re using it for your front yard or driveway and you don’t get too much snow.

The cons of a one-stage system are that they don’t have as much ability to clear snow effectively if you live somewhere with very harsh winters. They don’t do much for crushing ice and in Canada, that can be a problem.

Two-Stage Snow Blower

These are a great medium between the one and three-stage snowblowers as they considerably remove snow and ice with a lot of effort and it shows. The two-stage system has a leg up on its one-stage buddy because of its effectiveness.

The cons, however, is that you’re restricted to a gas-powered model which is highly efficient but also not as environmentally friendly. You also have to pay for the sophistication – they run a bit higher than one-stages do.

Three-Stage Snow Blower

The three-stage snow blower is the most effective and impressive of all the snowblowers, and also works the fastest. This can clear football fields and cut through ice like it’s nothing.

It is expensive, however, and because of all the bells and whistles it comes at a higher price. If you don’t mind paying extra to ensure the job gets done, or, if you have a large space to clear, then go for it. Otherwise, for your house, you should be fine with one of the other two options.

When it comes to picking your snow blower, considering your specific needs is incredibly important, but you must also account for space, accessibility, and budget. By consulting with a snow blower retailer like Muskoka Powersports, who are familiar with snow blower features and specs, and you’ll make the right decision in the end, guaranteed.