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ATV trail rider sits on ride after a day out on the trails

Make the Most of Your Ride With Winches, Chargers and Everything in Between

Hitting the rugged trails on an ATV is a favourite past-time among many Canadians. But the ride can be a whole lot better with the right gear in tow.

You never know when you’ll need to fix your ATV, pull it out of the mud, or when you’ll need that little bit of extra storage. That’s where ATV accessories come in.

These handy add-ons for your four-wheeler range from being simply convenient to absolute must-haves, while others can be life-saving in emergency situations.

Chances are, you’ve already got a sense of how you’d like to improve your ATV experience, but if you’re ever on the fence about accessories, contact Muskoka Powersports, your local Honda ATV dealer, for these must-have ATV accessories to make your ride even better.

We’ve put together this list of 6 must-have ATV accessories to help get started, plus a selection of other options if you want to dive a bit deeper.

1 – Retractable Winch

A retractable winch is a life saver whenever you get stuck in the mud. A strong winch can help free your stuck ATV from a ditch or bog, and makes you the MVP whenever you’re out riding with friends who might get stuck.

Stuck at the top or bottom of a steep incline? Enter the winch. Simply hook up to a sturdy tree for extra stability on steep slopes and take your time.

Depending on the make of your ATV, there may be a specific winch model available, which you can mount easily. Otherwise, keep an eye out for mounting options.

The big thing to watch for is rated line pull, the amount of weight your winch can handle safely.

Winch mounts typically cost around $40 to $60, and a retractable winch costs about $200.

2 – ATV Led Light Bars

Sometimes, you just need a bit more light.

To enhance your vision while riding, use an energy-efficient LED light bar. These bars have rows of bright LED light bulbs for an even distribution of light, allowing you to see everything, including shadowed areas.

These bars typically mount between the headlights of your ATV, or on the front rack.

LED light bars can cost anywhere from $30 to $100, depending on the size, make, and quality you’re looking for.

3 – Ramps

Ramps are a must-have if you plan to do any sort of extended trip with your ATV. Sure, in Ontario, as long as you have valid permits, a helmet, and aren’t hitting the highways, you can drive on the road’s shoulder, but if you’re trying out a new trail a few hours away, you’re going to want to load your ATV onto a trailer or truck bed.

Ramps make this incredibly easy, letting you quickly and carefully drive right up onto your truck’s bed. If your trailer doesn’t have a handy loading ramp, then you’ll definitely need one!

Most ramps are durable aluminum, but other materials are available. Keep an eye on load capacities and storage options to make sure it’ll fit in and work for your truck, and make sure things get strapped down, too.

A good ramp or pair of ramps will set you back anywhere from $100 to $300.

4 – Tow Hook & Straps

Think of this as the counterpart to the winch. A tow hook makes it easier for another rider or vehicle to pull you out of where you’re stuck.

You’ll also need a tow strap in case the other driver doesn’t have one.

5 – Wheel Spacers

For a better center of gravity on your ATV, consider using wheel spacers between the tire and axle. Wheel spacers extend the wheels outwards, giving your ATV a wider stance and a wider traction base.

With wheel spacers, your ATV will look bigger and be easier to control when you ride.

6 – ATV Emergency Kits

Keep an emergency kit stocked and with you whenever you ride. This kit should be in a dry pack and include everything you might need in an emergency situation, such as a First Aid kit, flashlight, knife, radio, water-purifying straw, extra fuel, Duct Tape, zip ties, rags, and a jug of water.


Air Pump & Patch Kit

A flat tire will ruin your ride and make it difficult to get back home. So keep a 12-volt air pump and a tire patch kit with you while riding in case you pop your tire.

A pump also comes in handy when you or a friend forgets to pump the tires before hitting the trails.

Air pumps cost anywhere from $30 to $200.


You’ll be glad you have a basket on the back of your ATV when you need to haul gear around. ATV baskets range in size, type, and price, costing around $100 to $200.

Gear Bags

Instead of a typical backpack or bag, use a gear bag for a reliable bag that won’t open and spill your gear while you ride. This will help you have a worry-free ride.

High-quality ATV gear bags cost around $100 to $200.

Cargo Nets

Strap all of your gear down with a cargo net. These nets drape over the gear you’re hauling, securing your gear in place during a bumpy or steep ride.

You can find cheap cargo nets for as little as $5. Heavy-duty cargo nets range in price from around $30 to $170.

 GPS Mounts

It’s much easier to follow a GPS than a paper map while riding an ATV. Simply use a mount to hold your GPS device on your handlebar for easy viewing and clear directions. You’ll never get lost on the trail with this handy navigation system.

A quality handlebar GPS mount with a protective case costs around $30.


If you plan to make a day of it riding the trails, pack some food to keep you going throughout the day. There are many types of coolers to store in ATV baskets, so look for one that suits your taste and budget.

Dry Boxes

Keep your valuables safe, clean, and dry while riding with a dry box. If you don’t want you phone and wallet to get wet and muddy, then you better lock them up.

A dry box is also useful for keeping a spare set of clothes in case you need to change throughout the day.

Dry box prices range from about $30 to $300.


Attach a mirror to your handlebar so you can see people behind you and ride safely. ATV mirrors cost around $25 to $100.


Listen to your favourite tunes while you ride with speaker systems made specifically for ATVs and Side-by-Sides.

These easy-to-install speakers are weather-proof and Bluetooth capable, so you can stream music or listen to music from your MP3 player, iPod, or phone wirelessly.

These durable high-quality speakers cost around $200 to $400.

12-Volt Phone Chargers

In case of emergencies, or just plain convenience, keep a 12-volt phone charger with your gear so you can charge your phone with your ATV’s power whenever you need to while out in the woods.


Keep a tool box with you so you can make repairs to your ATV in case in breaks down on the trail. Make sure it also has spare parts for your ATV model, such as a CVT belt.

A quality tool box costs between $100 and $200.

While all these ATV accessories may seem like too much to haul around, you should be able to fit most on a basket, in a gear bag, and strapped in with a cargo net.

To find Honda ATV accessories for your new ATV, visit your local dealer and gear up for a safe and convenient ride.