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Dirt biking is a global industry worth over $14 billion. But do you know the rules for using dirt bike trails in Ontario?

Ontario has a lot of rules if you want to ride dirt bikes. So, we compiled all of them in this guide for your convenience.

Keep reading for everything you need to know. Plus, stick around to find out where to find dirt bikes for sale in Ontario.

Where Can You Ride Your Dirt Bike in Ontario?

In Ontario, dirt bike riding is illegal mainly in public places. You shouldn’t ride your dirt bike on public trails either unless it is designated for motor vehicle use.

Where you can ride your dirt bike in Ontario also depends on what type of license plate you have. In Ontario, there are two different types of license dirt bike license plates: green and blue plates.

If you have a green license plate, you can only ride your dirt bike off-road on private property.

Riding your dirt bike on a public road or public property is illegal unless you are crossing it. And in that case, you have to have a valid driver’s license for your crossing to be legal.

Blue license plates grant riders the ability to drive on public roads as well as on private property. However, you must have an M license.

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Dirt Bike Riding Etiquette

All off-road vehicles, including Honda dirt bikes, must have a valid registration. Register your dirt bike with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

You have to be at least 12 years old to drive a dirt bike. But you have to be of legal driving age (16 years old) to register a dirt bike.

Dirt bike riders do need insurance. But this is only if you plan to drive your dirt bike somewhere other than your own private property. Just like a driver’s license, you need to bring your insurance card with you when you ride.

Dirt Bike Equipment You Need for a Safe Ride

In Ontario, it’s illegal to ride a dirt bike without a helmet. The only exception to this rule is if you are riding your dirt bike on your own private property.

The Ontario government also recommends wearing eye protection like goggles to prevent windburn and other eye injuries. Long-sleeve pants and shirts, tall boots, and gloves are also recommended to reduce scrapes and scratches from foliage.

Finally, consider wearing bright colors when you ride your dirt bike. That way, you will be visible to other drivers and pedestrians.

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Can You Ride Dirt Bikes On ATV Trails In Ontario?

As mentioned, you can ride your dirt bike on public trails, including ATV and UTV trails. But the trail must have a designation that it’s an ATV trail or otherwise allows motorized vehicles.

6 Places You Need To Ride Your Dirt Bike in Ontario

Now that you understand the rules of the road, you’re probably wondering: where are the best places to ride a dirt bike in Ontario? We’ve rounded up the top six Ontario dirt bike trails you need to try and curated them for you here.

1. Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System

The Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System (MUTS) is a 300-kilometre trail that connects to 4000 km worth of additional off-roading trails.

This trail system is in the community of Mattawa between the Laurentian Mountains and the Algonquin Highlands. To get there, you would take Highway 533. There are signs to guide you to the MUTS.

With so many miles of trails, MUTS has something for everyone. You will find beginner, intermediate, and expert-level trails but the dirt bike trails tend to be of medium difficulty.

2. Northumberland County Forest

Northumberland County Forest is just north of Cobourg in Northumberland County. You can find one of the five forest trailheads via Route 45 and Beagle Club Road.

The Northumberland Forest takes up more than 5300 acres of heavily forested lands and features over 110 kilometres worth of trails.

Depending on the trail you choose, you will likely experience moderately challenging terrain. In 2014, Northumberland County also completed a Universal Trail that offers beginner-friendly riding.

3. Larose Forest

The 18,000-acre Larose Forest is among the largest forests in all of Canada. Larose Forest is a little over an hour east of Ontario in Prescott and Russell United Counties.

The forest is home to 50 kilometres worth of trails meant for hiking, biking, horseback riding, skiing, and more.

One of the most popular trails for dirt bikers is the Larose Forest Loop. This loop extends about 4 miles and takes a little over an hour to complete. The terrain is relatively flat, making it ideal for beginners.

4. GoPHER Dunes

GoPHER Dunes is a collection of motocross tracks alongside a 10-kilometre trail system in Courtland, Ontario. You can pay a fee to use the trails and track or get a season membership.

Intermediate and advanced riders will love the marked difficulty rating-marked trails. GoPHER Dunes is also novice-friendly, with its 1.2-kilometre beginner track and bike riding training classes available.

GoPHER Dunes is off Highway 59, about halfway between Brantford and London, Ontario. The facility is just 30 miles north of Port Rowan.

5. Burnt River Dirt Bike Park

Burnt River Dirt Bike Park is a 1,000-acre facility located in Brentwood, Ontario. The facility features both clay-based motocross race courses and off-road trails meant exclusively for dirt bikers.

You can use the track by the day or sign up for an annual membership. This facility also hosts motocross schools and camps for kids. It offers piwi tracks for beginners up to pro courses for the seasoned rider.

The dirt bike park is 10 minutes north of Highway 121. You would pass Fenelon Falls and then turn right on Ledge Hill Road.

6. Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is the first and largest provincial park. The park is home to three biking trails.

Old Railway is a 16-kilometre family-friendly biking trail. Minnesing Mountain features rugged, advanced-level bike loops measuring from 4.7 kilometres to 32.2 kilometres. And Byers Lake is a 13-kilometer intermediate-level trail.

This is one of the best Ontario dirt bike trails near GTA. Follow Highway 60 to the East and West Gates, or turn onto Highway 11 to get to other park access points.

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Looking for Dirt Bikes for Sale in Ontario?

Riding dirt bikes can be a lot of fun in Ontario if you follow the rules. But it’s also important to ensure your dirt bike is in good condition. After all, a well-kept bike will keep you safe and sound.

Searching for dirt bikes for sale in Ontario? Check out our dirt bikes and get riding today!